These links are ones that I regard as useful in Australia. It is not designed as an extensive list, merely a starting point.
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Australia's only Hospitality Technology Show is once again to be held at Star City Casino, July 30-31 2009. For details see the Hotel Operations Technology Exhibition site.

For high powered hospitality technology consulting try Ted Horner Horner Technology. As well as founding the annual Hospitality Technology Show he also produces a series of roadshow breakfasts, and is responsible for the local Hospitality Technology site.

From the USA Hospitality Technology has an on-line version of their magazine which includes a Buyers Guide along with the usual News.

Accounting and MIT professionals in the industry should probably look at the benefits to be gained from their own international organisation: Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals


Firstly, three Sydney-based tertiary institutions who all offer Diploma courses accredited by the Australian Hospitality Review Panel.
I've taught at all three so can recommend them, and all have over the past few years been recognised for Industry Education at the New South Wales Tourism Awards.
Australia's most awarded private hospitality business college offering Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses. Macleay College
One Sydney college that offers the choice of Certificate courses as well as Diploma courses. Kenvale College
The International College of Hotel and Tourism Management courses can serve as a pre-requisite for those going on to a degree course at Macquarie University.

Tourism Training Australia coordinates both government and private training in the tourism, hospitality and caravan industries to nationally recognised standards.

You cannot consider hospitality on an international basis without considering the most famous American University to offer specialised hospitality courses. Cornell University

The American Hotel and Motel Association has an excellent Educational Institute with materials for distance education: EIAHMA

A British-based international organisation that does a lot for setting educational standards in the industry is the Hotel & Catering International Management Association

The International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education is an international non-profit organisation covering most aspects of this industry.

Another international group of hospitality educators is the International Society of Travel & Tourism Educators

A new website of interest to Australians and those interested in the state of tourism and hospitality education here is the site of the Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education


A Melbourne-based Hospitality Management and Consulting firm with an extensive list of links on their site (very food and beverage oriented but something for everyone). Eldred Training

Keep up to date in Australia with the latest news and a weekly e-zine from The Hospitality Site

Hotels, event staging, restaurants, you name it, if you want to do much in Sydney sooner or later you will find it advantageous to get in touch with the Sydney Convention & Visitors Bureau.

For a forum on customer service issues with a hospitality focus try Claire Belilos' Customer Service Viewpoints. Claire also has other forums on her homepage that are worth a look. See CHIC Hospitality

Forums for interest or research purposes plus the latest in hospitality news can be found at HospitalityNet, or Hotel-Online

A forum, plus news, plus being the wonderful people who in fact host this site and provide my News Ticker as seen on the above bar: HotelResource . This Ticker has been provided only after experimentation with most commonly-used browsers as I fully subscribe to Tim Berner-Lee's (the "founder" of the world wide web) idea that web pages should be simple enough to be able to be accessed by as many people as possible, otherwise we are defeating the purpose of the internet when we put in fancy things that can only be accessed by users with particular versions of programs or particular programs. If your browser cannot read this Ticker please contact me using the link at the top of this frame.

For a hospitality newsletter with emphasis on sales and marketing try Hospitality-1st

Try the Hospitality Doctor for an assortment of hints and links.

For an American-based B2B hospitality site but with an interesting archive of articles try the Hotel and Motel Magazine On-line

Another one for my American cousins. An on-line recruitment site Hospitality Adventures

For a decent range of hospitality texts and journals try Haworth Press in the USA.

A comprehensive source of information on tourism trends can be found from the World Tourism Organisation


If any of the links above have changed since this page was last updated [August 2nd 2004] you may wish to try to search for the organisation by name using Google.


Australian domain names are not the cheapest in the world but why pay premium rates? Check with Whatsinaname for an up-to-date listing of domain name prices from most official Au Registrars in one simple comparison table.

Mallpark, popular shopping and online real time auction site! is an on-line shopping mall


We all like to get something for nothing. Here are a few web essentials that I have used, found to be okay, and could prove useful to others. Some of these have paid versions so make sure you download the free version if that is all that you want. I make no warranties regarding these products but have found no major problems with any.

Add Me! Allows you to register your site with multiple search engines

For an open-source multi-platform office productivity suite try

For free DNS management services, plus free email forwarding try MyDomain who can also arrange domain names and webhosting at a price.

For up-to-date anti-virus software try AVG

For a free firewall try ZoneAlarm

For those of you worried about the security in your browser system, try the Mozilla application suite, or just their Thunderbird email program, or Firefox browser. Get Firefox