The most common thing people contact me about is wanting recommendations for Front Office Systems, but then half the time they don't want to pay my Consultancy rates to properly work out what they really need compared with what they think they want! As a mark of good faith I tend to give them a handful of suppliers and suggest they start talking to them and some of their reference sites and to go from there. I now wish to short-circuit that system by offering a short list of possible suppliers. This list is not exhaustive by any means, and nor do I particularly recommend any of these systems above others - in fact, depending on your hotel I can probably find something disadvantageous with many of these systems. The list is in alphabetical order. Wherever possible the link is to an Australian supplier, but if they don't have much about the system on their website I have linked back to the home site so that details about the system should be easy to access. As usual, all trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Any queries, or if any links don't work, please feel free to contact me.]


Delphi.Net from Newmarket International

Fidelio from Micros-Fidelio

G4 from GHSGlobal

GuestCentrix from CMS


Hogatex from Amadeus


LodgeMaster from Aloha Technologies

Lodging Touch from Trilogy

Maestro from Northwind


Medallion and PORTfolio from Softbrands

OzWiz Motelier

Protel from XNCheckout

Resort Data Processing


roomMaster from InnQuest

SIHOT from Essense

SMS/Host from Springer-Miller