CASUAL RATES (subject to change without notice)

Rack Rate (Training):
All Rates:
$AUD150 per hour (1st - 3rd hours)

$AUD135 per hour (4th - 8th hours)

$AUD1000 per day (1st - 5th days)

$AUD 800 per day (6th - 14th days)

$AUD 640 per day (15th+ days)

Retainer - POA

Consulting: $AUD2500 1st day

$AUD2000 per day thereafter

Plus Travel (ex Sydney)

Plus Meals (4+ hours)

Plus Accom (1+ days)

Plus Laundry (3+ days)

Plus GST [When earned in Australia]

50% Deposit from new clients

Note: Prices are indicative only. A premium may apply when trying to slot in urgent short-term projects amongst longer term work.
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